ISEN is built upon the award winning heritage of UK custom frame builders Hartley Cycles and Talbot Frameworks. Allowing us to combine hand crafted elements with cutting edge frame building technologies, so we can deliver bikes that are at the forefront of frame geometries and are finished to the highest standard. From our custom cable routing to hand finished headbadges everything is meticulously crafted and a result of our experience. We’ve designed and built bikes for 100’s of riders, so you know if we spec something, we did because it’s the best part available for your bike.

Beyond building bikes, we have a serious passion for riding, with a diverse range of riding styles and experience and are heavily involved in the cycling community. We personally test and progress our designs in all conditions from pushing the ultimate crit lean on our local circuits to climbing the most gruelling of summits or taking on the audax you really hope to finish without getting hyperthermia. 

All our bikes are made in our workshop. We never stop testing, prototyping and developing our designs, our bikes are a part of our daily lives and we are always in search of the ultimate riding experience. 


We operate as a small, highly skilled team who are all involved in every aspect of the production of every frame. To maintain quality and make sure we have full control over the product we deliver, we do everything in house. Four separate people will be involved in building your bike, and every day they all eat lunch at the same table in Mitcham .

From the moment you send that first email, make that first call or get in touch via Instagram, you’ll be involved with one of the team. We will advise you on the correct frame options for you, the most suitable groupset, keep you updated on your build schedule, even send photos of your frame as we build it. 


We don’t just design in the UK, we build every frame here, from raw materials & tubing to finished bike.


Your ISEN frame goes through four unique and specialised stages of production here in our London based workshop from raw materials to a completed frame ready to be dressed with your chosen components. 

It all begins with the tubes; we don’t believe in building a bike around a specific tubeset, instead we have designed the perfect bikes by selecting from the best tubes Reynolds, Columbus and Deddaciai offer to produce the ultimate custom blend.

Each tube is precision cut on one or our mills, each setup to perform a specific cut to the highest quality. They are integral to our work and are therefore treated with the utmost respect. The accuracy of these titans is key and we could spend hours discussing their individual quirks like old friends. We have spent a huge amount of time and effort sourcing the right equipment, going as far as to create our own custom tools when they just don’t exist yet. We’re pretty confident there isn’t a better machine shop set up for this purpose in the UK. 


Once your tubes are cut and sit perfectly in the frame jig your bike is visible for the first time in its most raw form and it’s time to weld. All ISEN frames are TIG welded, the most precise method of assembly and the method with which the tubes we use are designed to be strongest. 

After your frame has been removed from the jig, it goes through rigorous welding and alignment checks to ensure that every build meets our stringent standards. Bottle bosses, cable guides and headbadges are all attached to the frame with silver. This metal is used as solder to create the smoothest of transitions and allows us to create some of our signature features. Each of our asymmetric bridges is individually finished to fit your frame, providing both flair and function to the rear triangle with increased stiffness and strength. Your ISEN headbadge is hand formed before being brazed into place, this is the final piece of the puzzle before your bike begins it’s transformation in our spray booth. 

When building a high quality frame, process is Queen. We have spent years fine tuning the process with which we turn a pile of tubes into a finished frame. Industry leading fixtures, constant QC and alignment checks, periodic machine servicing and workflow monitoring all come together to let us build frames efficiently and to incredibly high tolerances. Your bike will enter the machine shop in a packing crate full of tubes, braze-ons and checklists. It leave on its way to paint a fully finished naked frame.


Our award winning paint finish is the final stage in the creation of your ISEN. Carried out in our specialist paint booth we carefully lay down the smoothest signature #sikcandyfadez® and crisp ISEN logos. We only use the highest quality wet paint products and every detail of the paintwork is painstakingly applied as multiple layers of custom mixed colour and vinyl masks. Everything you see on the final frame is in paint; there are no stickers or decals. The paint is finished with a high gloss, super hard lacquer providing you with protection for years to come. After leaving the paint booth, every frame is quality checked and given a hand polish to make every surface shine at its brightest.

...And if stopping at the frame and fork just isn’t enough, we
are now offering paint matched components for the ultimate wow factor, visually pulling all the individual components together as a complete riding machine.


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