Q. Where are the frames made?

A. All Isen frames are made by hand from start to finish in our London workshop.


Q. Where are you?

A. Our workshop is based in South London.


Q. How do I know what size to order?

A. Please refer to the Geometry Chart on the website


Q. What is the build time?

A. The build time is currently 10-12 weeks.


Q. What if I change my mind after ordering? Can I have a refund?

A. The deposit is non-refundable, however, please contact the workshop to discuss options.


Q. Do you make bikes for women?

A. All our bikes are unisex, in a broad range of sizes. We have designed the smaller frames to fit 650c or 26” wheels to improve handling. For more info head to our website.


Q. Can I make changes to the design?

A. We have spent a long time designing what we believe to be the best framesets and complete bikes.  So although we don’t accept changes to the designs as such we do offer many build options and a wide variety of upgrades, so you can dial it into your own needs and make sure your Isen All Season Road is perfectly tailored to you .  


Q. How do you measure tyre clearance?

A. Our measurement for tyre clearance is the largest width tyre in millimeters for a given wheel size that we think will comfortably fit in the frameset.  We have given the width in actual millimeters as some tyre actual widths vary from their stated widths and also different width rims can have an effect on the width of the same tyre.


Q. What wheel sizes can the frames take?

A.  On the All Season: frame sizes 53cm and above take both 650B and 700c wheels. Frame sizes 47cm, 49cm and 51cm take both 650c or 26” wheels.   

On the R³: frame sizes 47cm and 49cm are designed for 650c wheels and 51cm and above are designed for 700c wheels.


Q. Can I use 700c wheelsets on the smaller frame sizes?

A. We wouldn't recommend this as these frames are designed to take 650c and 26” wheels. 700c  would change the handling geometry, and increase toe overlap.


Q. What size disc brake rotor fit the Isen All Season Road Frameset?

A. 140mm or 160mm rotor with the correct adaptor.


Q. What type of brake does the Isen Road Race Ready fit?

A. The R³ is designed to fit a Bottom Bracket Direct Mount caliper brake and a standard road front caliper brake such as the Shimano Ultegra BR-R8000.


Q. What type of brake does the Isen All Season fit?

A. Flat mount disc brakes.


Q. Can I Mount Mudguards to the Fork?

A. The All Seasons are designed to take full mudguards front and rear.  All Seasons sizes 47cm, 49cm, 51cm require our fitting kit to attach mudguard to fork, this is available in our webshop.   If you want fenders on the R³ you’re doing it wrong!


Q. What is the difference between the Standard and Direct Mount Rear Mech Hangers?

A. For years we have used the same standardised mech hanger, and it is a universal fit for any groupset. However, if you are using the latest Shimano R7000, R8000 or R9000 groupsets they have the option to use a direct mounting hanger with their shadow derailleurs. This hanger is designed to give a cleaner interface between the frame and the mech, removing the need for the B link pivot on these derailleurs. Sram, Campagnolo and older Shimano groupsets use the standard hanger.


Q. What size Seatpost do I need?

A. For the standard All Season and the all season with a carbon seat tube upgrade you will need a seatpost with a  27.2cm diameter. However if you are opting for our carbon ISP option you won’t need a seatpost at all! Seatpost not included.


Q. Do I need a Seatpost Collar?

A. Yes, you will need a seatpost collar. The external diameter for the seat tube is 28.6mm. We sell a Thomson Seat Collar in our webshop.


Q. Is the Front Derailleur / Front Mech band or braze on mounted?

A. It is band mounted. The seat tube diameter is 28.6 mm


Q. Can I collect my frame instead of having it delivered?

A. Of course. Just make sure to tell us when you place your order.


Q. What is the size of the Bottom Bracket?

A.  We offer a choice of either T47 or BSA 68mm BB shells with any of our  frames. We also offer the choice of an Eccentric BB with the All Seasons frames.  You will need to get a Bottom bracket to match your choice of BB shell. The BSA is the traditional BB system used on bikes for decades, and works very well. There are many options for BB’s and cranks at all price points and parts are easily sourced. T47 is oversized and designed to work with cranks utilising a 30mm axle, larger than the 24mm axle on Shimano cranks.  If you want the ability to run the best cranks, want your BB to be as stiff as possible, or plan to run wiring internally, this is the standard for you. The EBB option would allow you to run your All seasons as a single speed. We recommend Chris King and Rideworks T47 BB’s, and Ridework’s EBB.