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The Perfect Fit and Geometry and Function

People come in all shapes and sizes, and so our bikes do too. We have a broad range of stock sizes, from a 47cm to a 61cm, so the size you choose can be exactly right, whichever end of the height spectrum you are! What’s more, the geometry of each of our sizes has been individually designed so that precise and confident handing is maintained across ALL sizes. We don’t design the easy way. Instead we tailor each element of the bike to work best for a specific size frame and rider.

We don’t design specific bikes for specific genders, as we believe this is at best unnecessary and at worst a disservice and we won’t put flowers and butterflies on your bike – no matter how much you might want them.


We are committed to building bikes that work as well for women as they do for men and this means making sure that our bikes are available in a broad enough range of sizes, so that people at the shorter end of the height spectrum (including men) can take full advantage of them. It also means being able to customise component choices, so they fit you and not just your frame size. Do you need a small frame size but have broad shoulders, or vice versa? Fine, you can choose your bar width. Do you need shorter than standard cranks? That’s OK we have Rotor cranks available down to 150mm that are compatible with all the groupsets we use.

We take a holistic approach to bike frame design. For example instead of simply altering the head angle for each frame size but maintaining all other elements, we use a range of fork offsets and wheel sizes, which are proportionately matched to our frame sizes. 700c and 650B on the larger sizes and 650c and 26” on the smaller sizes. This means the handling geometry of our bikes can be at its best because we don’t have to compromise our designs to squeeze wheels that are too big into frame sizes that are in our opinion too small for them. We can also position the rider’s weight in the perfect place over their two wheels from the get go and therefore really dial in the handing.

We’re out to start a bike fit revolution with frames designed around the correct size wheel for the rider. In addition to the above, with this approach we can also minimise toe overlap, find space for 2 sets of water bottle bosses on every frame (YES even the 47cm!) and where necessary, lower the front end for riders that require a more aggressive riding position.

We design bikes for both women and men that will fit them, handle exceptionally and they will be proud to own and ride. Our smaller bikes ride just as well as our bigger bikes. Say hello to powerful climbing and confident descending whatever your size!

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It’s all in the detail…
Every ISEN bike that leaves our workshop will come equipped with a plethora of features that sets it apart from the rest of the production peloton.

Hand Formed ISEN Headbadge
Every ISEN leaves the workshop with our ultimate seal of approval, the ISEN solid brass headbadge, each one hand formed and brazed in place with silver for the smoothest finish.

Custom Fitted ISEN Asymmetrical Seatstay Bridge
Our bridges are a true statement piece and will have everyone questioning who just passed them up the local col.

ISEN Universal Gear Cable Routing System
Cabled groupset? No problem. Shimano Di2? Yeah Sure. SRAM eTap? Damn Right. Whatever your groupset our unique customisable removable routing bosses will make sure your bike wears it in the cleanest possible way.

Award Winning #sikcandyfadez® Paint
Each frame is painted in house using the highest quality wet paint system. It really is award winning, for the last two years we have picked up prizes at Bespoked UKHBS for our outstanding finishes and you can choose from one of our 5 sparkling designs.

Stealth Internal Brake Routing
Internal routing keeps your bike looking clean and excess cables out of harm’s way. With internal guidance tube running through the frame so your mechanic won’t hate us!


The Upgrades - Want to take your bike to the next level? Choose your meal from our A La Carte Menu

Extra Bosses for Luggage and Bidons
£40 a pair
Two bottle cages is great, but three or four is even better if your planning a really long trip. We can add extra mounts for bottles or other luggage in a multitude of positions to suit you.

T47 Bottom Bracket
£40 Steel, £100 Stainless Steel
T47 is the frame building communities answer to BB30/PF30 BB systems. T47 is the best of both worlds. A threaded bearing cup to remove any creaking issues, with the oversized bearings to allow the use of high end 30mm axle cranks. This is advantageous as stiffness in the BB area is ‘free’ stiffness, it doesn't create any adverse ride quality issues that increases stiffness in other areas of the frame can. It also makes internal routing of Di2, dynamo wires etc far easier.

Colour Matched Components
From £80
To tie your whole build together we offer colour matched components including stems, integrated bars and seatposts.

Your Name Here
From £80
We might not be able to get you your name in lights, but if you can settle for anything less than Hollywood, we can put it in paint; incorporating your name or special text in a matching fade on your top tube or chainstay.

Solid Silver Headbadge
We think our hand formed headbadges are the perfect finish to our frames. So for those who want a little extra sparkle up front, we are now offering them in hand cut solid silver.

R3 Disc Brake Upgrade
The UCI have allowed it so so will we. Spec your R3 to make the most of the latest road disc groupsets.

Stainless Upgrade Kit
Planning on riding in harsh conditions or just want to give your frame some extra shiny bling, we’ll use stainless frame components in the high wear areas: BB, Head tube and all contact points to make your bike truly bomb proof.

Complete Stainless Bike
Did you see our stainless upgrade kit and immediately want a full stainless frame? We did too. With all stainless tubes and components your frame will never suffer at the hands at the hands of a British winter and you’ll save a couple of hundred grams too!

Carbon ISP (Integrated Seatpost)
As standard on all R3 bikes and now available on the All Season,
a carbon ISP will remove the need for a 3rd party seat post as it is incorporated into a full carbon seat tube. The ISP allows us to fine tune the characteristics of the bike, right up to the saddle, allows for easy electronic shifting battery storage whilst being as light and as stiff as needed, with a look that is truly unique when paired with our asymmetrical lugs.

Carbon Seat Tube
Liking the sound of the Carbon ISP but worried about it being too long to fit in a bike box to travel the world? No worries; we offer a shorter version compatible with standard 27.2mm seatposts to constrain the bike to traditional proportions.

Chromovelato Paint Finish
We asked ourselves: “Is there a way to make our sikcandyfadez even more , wel.... SIK? “Yes!” is the answer. For £650 we will replace the coarse silver base that adds the sparkle to your fades with a mirror like finish, reminiscent of the old chromovelato finishes of Bianchis of yore, and with fadez.

Raw Stainless With #sikcandyfadez® Finish
Love your stainless tubing so much you don’t want to cover it up? We can do a completely translucent paint finish in any of our colour ways to really show off your metal.

Rolhoff All Season
If you want your All Season to be ready to ride all day every day, virtually maintenance free, then look no further than our Rolhoff upgrade kit. With optimised cable routing for the smoothest shifting and Rolhoff specific dropouts and an eccentric BB your bike will be ready to take on the world.

Bolt thru rear axle standard £150

Riding style too savage for a QR rear end? Think that 135 is an un-lucky number? If so, don’t sweat it. You can swap out to a 142mm bolt thru standard rear end on either the All season or R3 disc framesets.

S&S Couplers
Make your ISEN travel ready with the ability to break it two, with the ability to put it in a normal size suitcase and avoid oversized baggage and bike flight charges.