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The Perfect Fit and Geometry and Function

People come in all shapes and sizes, and so our bikes do too. We have a broad range of stock sizes, from a 47cm to a 61cm, so the size you choose can be exactly right, whichever end of the height spectrum you are! What’s more, the geometry of each of our sizes has been individually designed so that precise and confident handing is maintained across ALL sizes. We don’t design the easy way; instead we tailor each element of the bike to work best for a specific size frame and rider.

We take a holistic approach to bike frame design. For example instead of simply altering the head angle for each frame size but maintaining all other elements, we use a range of fork offsets and wheel sizes, which are proportionately matched to our frame sizes. This means we can position the rider’s weight in the perfect place over their two wheels from the get go and therefore really dial in the handing. We’re out to start a bike fit revolution with frames designed around the correct size wheel for the rider. With this approach we can also minimise toe overlap, find space for 2 sets of water bottle bosses on every frame (YES even the 47cm!) and where necessary, lower the front end for riders that require a more aggressive position.

Our small bikes ride just as well as our bigger bikes.

Say hello to powerful climbing and confident descending what ever your size!


However you ride

For the 2018/19 season we have sponsored three of London's leading criterium riders who will be putting our R³ bikes through their paces and riding them to victory.

Christine Robson works as a software developer by day but by night she races at elite level. Over the past years she has taken the racing world by storm and dominates the criterium circuit. This year she is pushing herself further on her rhubarb and custard ISEN R³ kitted out with a custom Shimano Di2 groupset, utilising a one by setup and an XTR rear derailleur for the ultimate speed machine.

You can keep up with her adventures on Instagram and Twitter


Vedangi Kulkarni is a 19 year old cyclist who will attempt to be the fastest woman to circumnavigate the world unsupported, by bicycle.

The plan is to cycle up to 200 miles per day and make it around the world within 100 days, starting in June 2018 both setting off and finishing in Perth, Australia.

She has begun a campaign, called #StepUpAndRideOn to promote the importance of being brave, facing your fears and conquering them in order to grow as an individual. In essence, this is to promote a new generation of adventurers who find their limits and break them time and time again.

You can track her attempted on her website and Instagram