All Season

Framesets are £1850. A deposit of £925 is required with balance on completion. 

The Isen All Season Road is a high performance lightweight steel bike, designed for long distance rides on mixed terrain. The frame is designed  and handmade from start to finish in our London workshop, and hand-painted in Sick Candy Fades. This is an off-the-peg, made-to-order frame in production sizes: 47cm to 61cm. If you’re a bike rider hungry for adventure, you want a machine that can take you everywhere. The Isen All Season Road Bicycle allows you to do that, a bicycle for adventure and adrenaline that goes beyond the road. This is a  frame-set designed for versatility, allowing you to tailor your wheel and tyre choice to suit your distance, tempo or terrain.   The larger sizes can take both 650B and 700c wheelsets, and the smaller with 650c and 26” wheelsets. Meaning this frameset builds as well into a fast road machine as an endurance mile muncher. The steel is a custom blend of tubing, specifically selected from the best of what Reynolds, Columbus and Dedacciai has to offer. This creates almost unimaginable levels of lateral stiffness and vertical compliance. Made from British-machined Reynolds 853, Columbus Spirit and Life, plus Dedacciai Zero tubes from Italy, the All-Season gives you lateral stiffness and vertical compliance – i.e. optimum comfort and handling, so you’ll be able to take the rough with the smooth. The frame is built to take disc brakes and has a proprietary boss-system allowing it to seamlessly accept either electronic or mechanical and 2 or 1X group sets without the need for modification. The All-Season also has mudguard mounts and internal routing for brake cables and a dynamo. Frames come in stock-sizes of 47cm to 59cm to fit riders from under 5” to over 6”. The smallest frames sizes are paired with 650c or 26” wheels to keep handling at its best but still allow for tyre widths of up to 40c. The larger frame sizes allow for tyre clearance of 35c with 700c wheels, and 40c with the smaller 650B wheel choice (fatter tyres for fatter journeys). Each bike is hand-sprayed in your choice of our five ISEN Workshop Sick-candy-fade® paint schemes.

  • Sick candy fades hand spray paint
  • Full mudguard mounts
  • Rear rack mounts
  • Clearance for 35c without mudguards (700c frames have clearance for up to 40c with  650b)
  • 650c frames have clearance for 26 x 1.25.
  • 27.2mm seat tube
  • 47cm, 49cm, 51cm frameset designed for 650c wheelsets
  • 53cm, 55cm, 57cm, 59cm framesets designed for 700c wheelsets.
  • Replaceable rear mech hanger
  • Suitable for mechanical or electronic disc groupset
  • Frameset or Full build options
  • Road Disc brake specific bike                                             
  • Hand Made from Reynolds 853, Columbus Spirit & Life and Dedaccai Zero tubing
  • Full carbon fork with through axle, flat mount disc, mudguard mounts and tapered 1 1/8 - 1 1/4 carbon steerer
  • 44mm headtube
  • Flat mount disc dropouts
  • Through axle front and QR rear
  • Internal routing for brake cables
  • Internal routing through frame for Dynamo cables
  • Bi-axially ovalised downtube and top tube



We offer any of our bikes with either T47 or BSA 68mm BB shells.

BSA is the traditional BB system used on bikes for decades, and works very well. There are many options for BB’s and cranks at all price points and parts are easily sourced. If you were riding around the world you would want a BSA BB shell for ease of sourcing parts.

T47 is the frame building communities answer to BB30/PF30 BB systems. BB30 was originally designed by Cannondale, and has bearings that press (not thread as per BSA) into the frame. They are oversized and are designed to work with cranks utilising a 30mm axle, larger than the 24mm axle on Shimano cranks for example. This is advantageous as stiffness in the BB area is ‘free’ stiffness, it doesn't create any adverse ride quality issues that increases stiffness in other areas of the frame can. It also makes internal routing of Di2, dynamo wires etc far easier. However, due to the thin wall thicknesses on bicycle tubing, both BB30 and PF30 have been beset with issues with creaking, bearing surface damage and repeated development of play. T47 is the best of both worlds. A threaded bearing cup to remove any creaking issues, with the oversized bearings to allow the use of high end 30mm axle cranks. Any cranks designed for PF30 or BB30 will work, and BB’s are supplied by Chris King and white industries, who have both said they will not discontinue them as a product, so you won’t be stuck with an obsolete BB standard in 10 years. If you want the ability to run the best cranks, want your BB to be as stiff as possible,or plan to run wiring internally, this is the standard for you.