ISEN is built upon the award winning heritage of UK custom frame builders Hartley Cycles and Talbot Frameworks. Allowing us to combine artisanal hand crafted elements with cutting edge frame building technologies to deliver bikes that are at the forefront of frame geometries and are finished to the highest standard. From our custom cable routing to hand finished headbadges everything is meticulously crafted and a result of our experience. Beyond building bikes, we have a serious passion for riding, with a diverse range of riding styles and experience and are heavily involved in the cycling community. We personally test and progress our designs in all conditions from pushing the ultimate crit lean on our local circuits to climbing the most gruelling of summits or taking on the audax you really hope to finish without getting hyperthermia or seeing just how fast we can ride down those stairs. Because all our bikes are made in our workshop, we never stop testing, prototyping and developing our designs. Our bikes are a part of our daily lives and we are always in search of the ultimate riding experience.